Q: How can I book a session with you?

A: Just drop  Me an email via My contact page detailing your interests – I like to have enough information to give Me some sense of you as a person. I also need to know your prefered date and time for a session.  You can find more information on sessions here.

Q: I’m shy/nervous/new, can I still come to see you?

A: You are SO welcome! Initiations of all kinds give Me a thrill and you can be sure of an understanding and experienced guide; one who will introduce you to the world of kink at an appropriate pace, while teaching the required etiquette at the same time.

Q: Are you really a Lesbian?

A: YES: card carrying member of the Femme Dyke Brigade. 😀
If you have any worries about how that might affect our interaction rest at ease (that’s an order). If your submission is genuine, my Dominance will be genuine, it’s a chemical reaction. Perhaps we can explore some of your fantasies about being dominated by an ultimately superior and unattainable Woman as a result.

Q: Do you do webcam/phone sessions?

A: I enjoy both, either as a perverted delight in their own right, or as an opportunity to get to know you better prior to a session in the dungeon. You can find more information on on-line sessions here.
Q: What is your favourite type of session?

A:  Creative, playful and cruel – I am  fascinated by finding out what makes other people tick. More than one or two specific activities what I REALLY ADORE is the opportunity to glimpse into the inner workings of another persons emotions and desires. Call me a perverted sadist but hell – what’s not to love about that!!

Q: Do you do wrestling?

A: NO but I can recommend a fabulous Goddess who does: Mistress Thunder

Q: Can I be your driver/plumber/run errands for you?

NO! I have absolutely no requirement for you assistance.

Q: What’s your opinion on the novel ‘An artist of the Floating world’ by Kazuo Ishiguro?

A: Well actually…no one has ever asked me that but  as you’re here I can tell you it is one of my favourite novels. A very interesting story of power relations both in its portrayal of traditional Geisha and as an analysis of post war Japanese society.

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