Social Bookings

The option of a social booking provides that RARE opportunity to really get to your dominatrix outside of the dungeon. Relaxed social time in which we can get to know each other a little better without too much formality and certainly with a less loaded atmosphere than the dungeon provides.

Perhaps you are nervous and would like to meet to discuss how a session would work for you? Have you been curious about a particular aspect of kink for a long time but been too afraid to actually try it? Let’s meet for a coffee and a chat. I’m sure you will find Me to be approachable, informative and a rather fascinating date.

For the new or not so new, I’m happy to recieve polite applications from those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of My company at dinner, to visit a cultural event together or to settle down over coffee and cake.

Shopping trips, either spoiling Me (or course!) or buying a few interesting items for you to wear or have used on you, can be a lot of fun. I have plenty of ideas about where we could go to find just the right thing. I think you will find that I am a delightfully experienced and confident guide.

Social booking time added either to the beginning or end of a session can give us some extra space to flirt, build up, relax or float back down to earth together. Life is not meant to be rushed, it’s to be enjoyed, let’s make sure we do just that!


Social Bookings require a tribute of £90 per hour paid in advance.

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