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Oh My, Berlin!!

Home at last and it’s taken Me AGES to land, I have to say I found it incredibly easy to adapt to the idea that My life consists only of luxury hotel apartments, dressing up, going to parties every night and fitting… Read More

Hot times in Berlin 17th – 20th of July.

Summer of a sort seems to have arrived in London. As soon as the weather reaches 20 degrees my local park is filled with half naked people. I have no complaints, I enjoy the view. As it’s at least a couple of… Read More

Bound and gagged…. (or how I escaped macrame hell)

Some time ago I had the pleasure of attending a local SM Dykes workshop on rope bondage. Now rope is not one of the things I would put in my top 20, or even top 50 list of ‘kinky things I like… Read More