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Art exhibitions, BDSM films and getting out and about.

As some of you will know I like to get out and about and go to galleries, shows and films. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing two things lately which i think are of particular interest. The first was an exhibition of… Read More

strap-on / pegging and the myths of heterosexuality

Wow, it’s February…how on earth did that happen?! Well they say time flies while you are having fun and so far 2014 seems to have whisked by. Once again life and experiences in the dungeon have Me pondering the MYTHS that surround… Read More

Deck your balls with boughs of holly – Christmas holiday greetings

Christmas is not My favourite time of year, I love holidays but there’s something a bit sickening about the current ramping up of consumerism in the midst of a recession. If there is one thing I would love to give our Tory… Read More

Happy happy humiliation

Humiliation sessions have to be one of My favourite things EVER, but the question remains: What IS Humiliation? What makes one person blush and shudder may just leave another staring at you in disbelief, or even worse completely and utterly turned OFF…. Read More

Back from holiday!!! Strange scenes in Vienna, it’s good to be home.

I confess, I was away longer than I had originally planned, such things happen especially when having fun. What I had thought was going to be a few days away from the dungeon has stretched into a couple of weeks. Most of… Read More