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Post Berlin, Hello London.

Wow, I feel like a fictional character in an American baseball movie sliding into ‘Home plate’. London seems a little more gritty than usually, this glorious April weather – sun, rain hail, sun rain, hail – doesn’t really help. Plus there is… Read More

Hot times in Berlin 17th – 20th of July.

Summer of a sort seems to have arrived in London. As soon as the weather reaches 20 degrees my local park is filled with half naked people. I have no complaints, I enjoy the view. As it’s at least a couple of… Read More

Relaxation via BDSM

It may seem a paradox to speak about being whipped, tied up, gagged, rendered powerless as a form of relaxation. To have the control of your most basic thoughts and actions taken away from you is probably not most peoples idea of… Read More

Fun Times in Manchester

So.Much.Fun: from satisfying My fetish for clean white sheets and plush hotel rooms, to the scream of filthy perves biffing each other over and then dishing out a damn hard fucking, oh YES Manchester hit the spot. So much so that I’ve… Read More

Travels in Manchester and Vienna

Very excited to be heading off to Manchester at the end of this week, to see friends old and new at the annual SM Dykes conference. Workshops, parties, pervery galore. I’m sure there will also be time forĀ  impromptu play-dates in the… Read More