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Fuck the patriarchy – on undermining compulsory heterosexuality.

A short piece on lesbianism, heterosexuality and gender roles. Or: Why I don’t believe in doing what I’m told and why I encourage others to do likewise. (while doing exactly what I tell you to!) This blog entry has been prompted by… Read More

Letter to a Sissy/crossdresser

(as some of you may know I enter into correspondence with those who interest Me and pay tribute) I offer an excerpt of a recent letter to a submissive exploring their sissy/crossdressing desires….a peek into this private world… as I know there… Read More

That transgender thang

As a Kick Arse Queer Dyke sometimes the cultural gaps between My world and the straight (read heterosexual) world can seem confusing… both for me and the people I meet in My role as a professional Mistress. To start with the categories… Read More