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Sense and sensuality

An ‘important information’ announcement: I will be away in Berlin for ALL of July. I am currently taking advance bookings for My return to London in August. On the subject of lovely things I recently went to visit The V&A lingerie exhibition… Read More

Escape from New York

Not quite in the tone of the 1981 cult classic but I AM glad to be back in London. It’s lovely and warm (comparatively), I’ve had several very decent cups of coffee since My arrival and London still has one of the… Read More

Home again perverts!!!

Wow, it’s been a wild ride the past few weeks travelling through beautiful Vienna, meeting sweet kinksters and then taking the long way home Via Berlin. Great to see old friends there, many intense conversations were had in unique little coffee houses… Read More

Fun Times in Manchester

So.Much.Fun: from satisfying My fetish for clean white sheets and plush hotel rooms, to the scream of filthy perves biffing each other over and then dishing out a damn hard fucking, oh YES Manchester hit the spot. So much so that I’ve… Read More

Games for more than two players! (also note that I am away 21st-26th in Vienna)

Lately My mind has been occupied with the fun that can be had in games designed for more than two players. The complex dynamics, unfair odds and thrill of sharing that comes with adding another person to a session. The intensity of… Read More

Travels and watersports, fun with taboo.

I’ve been back in London for a week now but have only just found the time to blog. Wow, Copenhagen was FUN! I was invited to Copenhagen to teach a watersports workshop as part of a mini-conference weekend organised by ‘Copenhagen Power-Exchange’… Read More