One hour requires as much preparation as a longer meeting. Bathing, choosing an outfit, deciding what I would like to do, picking out a selection of toys. So there’s a slightly higher premiumum for the short and sweet. Of course shorter meetings do have their place: the delights of a short and sharp CP session, an hour of hearing exactly what I think of you, My pleasure in watching you blush, or perhaps you just need to be used like the bitch you are.

I very much enjoy longer sessions in which I can stretch My sadistic wings.  Enough time for us to relax and unwind, to really settle into the dynamic of Dominance and submission. All the more time to build up the suspense, to tease to the unbearable edge of desire, to fully enjoy showing off what an incredibly creative and intellectually cruel Mistress can do. What would you do to bring a sadistic smile to My face? How far are you willing to go? Your duty, MY pleasure.

For longer sessions, each additional hour requires a tribute. Length of session must be arranged in advance.

the idea of full day or overnight bookings is entertaining, all the more fun to explore over an entire day or to fill the midnight hours with debauchery, but I only do so with those I have already sessioned with. Obviously if we are going to spend a extended time together it’s important that we really get on and that there IS chemistry!!

Social Bookings: either in addition to session time or as a separate event £90 per hour.

(see additional information on Social Bookings on the dedicated page)

All bookings require a non-refundable deposit of £50 (per hour of booked session time) to be paid in advance. No session booking is confirmed until a deposit is recieved.

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