Bathing, choosing an outfit, deciding what I would like to do, picking out a selection of toys. Enjoying one hour of my time requires as much preparation as a longer meeting.  There is a higher premiumum for the short and sweet. Shorter meetings have their place: the delights of a hard sharp CP session, an hour of hearing exactly what I think of you, My pleasure in watching you blush, or perhaps you just need to be used like the bitch you are: ONE HOUR RATE £250

Longer sessions in which I can stretch My sadistic wings, where there is enough time for us to relax and unwind, to settle into our dynamic a Dominant and submissive. Time to build up suspense, to tease, to fully enjoy,  to let creative sadism run wild.

For longer sessions, each additional hour requires an additional tribute of £150 length of session must be arranged in advance.

Full day or overnight bookings: exploring with the luxury of unhurried time and sinking deeper under my spell. An entire day or filling the midnight hours with debauchery is expensive: POA. Obviously if we are going to spend extended time together it’s important that we really get on and that your interests are of interest to ME!!

Social Time: Shopping, dinner, outings, city guide:either in addition to session time or as a separate event £90 per hour.

(see additional information on Social Bookings on the dedicated page)

All bookings require a non-refundable deposit of £50 (per hour of booked session time) to be paid in advance. No session booking is confirmed until a deposit is recieved.

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