Welcome to the home of intelligent perversion. London Mistress Mz Jane Wild: confidently in control, enigmatic and complex, capable of both kindness and cruelty. Intimidating but also playful, softly spoken, with an undeniable air of calm. Known for a rather dry sense of humour.

It is My pleasure to draw others away from the straight and narrow, to broaden your understanding of sexuality and to guide your exploration of kink. In My opinion we would all be much better off if we gave more time to allowing our fully present selves. Delving into our longings can provide a space of complete release from the day to day and leave us so much better for it.

My education, lifestyle and beliefs are the result of a process of slow refinement, I value living true My ideals. While I am approachable and open to discussing needs and desires, it is also true that I expect My will to be followed completely.

I grew up a while back and have the parking tickets, t-shirt and the book that goes with having fully lived life. The gift of maturity has served to sharpen My wit, focus My power and make Me all the more self assured.

I have little use for the common traditions of gender or sexual roles, instead I believe in reinventing the world to suit Myself.  It may be that you can play a part in My plans for redressing the balance of power, are you ready to serve a Lesbian Mistress?

Goddess, Temptress, Boss Lady, Domina, Mentor, Humiliatrix, Attitude Adjuster.

Gender explorations and role-play a speciality.

 This site contains adult content, regarding BDSM activities, if you wish to proceed you must you must be over 18 years of age.